Jitesh Sundaram was born at Tellicherry on the 17th November 1971, as the second son of Dr.Sundaram, a leading Medical Practitioner.

He shared in the family tradition of “Raga Ragini Vidya” and practised Sangeeta Upasana and also sang and played them on Musical instruments.

He learned Carnatic Classical even at his tender age and was able to distinguish and appreciate the subtle nuances of Ragas and Rhythm, as also Sruthi and its variations.

The receptive and dynamic energies were finely tuned and balanced in him that it created an integration and attractiveness and harmony in his songs. He was also fascinated with percussion instruments like Mridangam and Tabla which he mastered soon under the training of a proficient teacher and displayed lucratively his excellence in their performance.

While reminiscing on his school days, Jitesh could very well recollect how he achieved a measure of success in holding attention and concentration of his audience and also the many proficiencies and encomiums he earned during these period.

His talents in music eventually grew leaps and bounds so that it reached its zenith while he was in college. There after his musical career took a sharp turn while doing Law, the hidden fervour of liking for Hindustani Classical music, especially Ghazals and Bhajans started sprouting.

The cradle of future Sangeet became distinctively evident by this time and with great enthusiasm and tenacity of purpose he launched fully into this field. It was during this flowery days of excellence that he happened to meet non other than the Bhajan Samrat Shri Anup Jalota; who foreseeing the hidden talent of the young lad willingly took him as his disciple.

Jitesh believes that Shri Anup Jalota is a versatile teacher of immense caliber, under whose tutelage he is able to materialize his talents.

The great transforming power however was that he is able to perform on several concerts along with Shri Anup Jalota, which is still continued. Shri Jalota is a man of intense love and kindness, tempered with humanitarian attitude in life and Jitesh consider that his guidance and encouragement is a major source of inspiration that propelled his career in music.

Jitesh has a God gifted melodious and sweet voice, singularly befitting to Ghazals and Bhajans. His magnificent and vibrant style of singing has spontaneity and ease; which always enticed the audience.

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